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10:43 a.m.

so i saw margaret cho's "revolution" last night on DVD. i'm a big fan of hers and i think she is an amazing woman. her stuff can be pretty repetitive and not all too original, but she has a way about herself that can bring it to life. i love what she can do with her facial expressions. it reminds of me of my cousin when we joke around. (this being before margaret cho's time, when we were little kids. and this isn't to say that margaret cho doesn't have original stuff. cuz she does. and i think she's hilarious. plus, i'd be a bad gay if i didn't think so. what i also love about her is how she incorporates her humor into her activism. preaching all the right things by "going there."

her first two DVD's, "i'm the one that i want" and "notorious C.H.O.", were funny. this last didn't amaze me as such. i think it had a lot to do with her looking and sounding much different. she had lost a lot of weight. she looks good. but at the same time, it just didn't seem like her. plus, she had made a comment before the show about knowing a lot of people in the audience. i wonder if that had an effect.

when she came on stage, she was all dressed up in this extravagent ethnic-looking costume. it was crazy and off the wall, and she looked ...dare i say it... totally fabulous. she opened up with a few political jokes on bush and terrorism, and it just didn't seem funny. she looked uncomfortable. so she stripped off her high boots and headress attire. then she started to loosen up. it wasn't until mid-show where i felt her nervous energy started to clear up.

i kept wondering if she was on something. she seemed tweaked out. but i learned later in the behind the scenes featurette that she had almost not made the show because she was on her way back from a trip and the plane couldn't land in LA or something. so she had said she was jet-lagged. it's sad really, cuz i would've really liked to see her at her best. looking the way she does. she had a lot of new material that i just couldn't get into as much as i would have liked. a part of me felt like she was just playing off of old tricks to keep the audience with her. she didn't even do an encore.

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