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4:36 p.m.

one of the things i have missed most about this job is getting solicitation phone calls. it's amazing what the person on the other line will do to get passed me and onto another line with another person.

so far i've received four phone calls from a publication called "hotel and travel index" so that they could "update" our mailing address. it takes them a bit to get to the part in their script about "giving [us] a chance to get a free subscription" to their wonderful service.

basically, you're saying that you just want us to personally hand out our contact information as some sort of vocal agreement that we are giving you permission to harass us with your crap. ie. junk mail and more solicitation phone calls.

when the first person called, i thought it was a serious phone call that needed to be directed to an important person. the person on the other line asked for our business development manager. after placing this person on hold to find out who it was, i was told that it's probably just solicitation and that i should find out what it's regarding. duh. how could i not have recognized this? i've dealt with this thing dozen of times at science adventures!

today is my first day at this temp job, so i've been a ball of nerves trying to do things right. plus, i think the boss is kinda cute. (i friendstered his name and found out he's a single gay man. bad anthony.) so to my surprise, i've recieved less calls than expected. 65% of them so far today have been from Hotel and Travel Index.

if it weren't for them, i think i wouldn't find fun in this job. when that first person called, i told them that it would be much easier if they had given me a specific name that the subscription is under so i would know who to transfer them to or whose voicemail to give them. so the second person calls asking for a name. of course i look at the list and the person isn't on there. i told her that i have nobody in the office by that name, and they continue back onto the spiel about wanting to speak to the business development manager. hell no. i will not bug cute joe with your phone calls! so i ask for a number and the person tells me that they do not have a direct line. that they cannot call back customer service because the lines are always busy. and i tell them i'm sorry and that the only thing they could do is to try and call back at another time. although, i would still not know who to transfer them to.

this happens again with the third caller. and the fourth finally gave me a number. i feel bad cause i know they're just doing their job. but at the same time, it's fun trying to figure out the most polite way of getting out of their scripted attempts to talk to someone who really doesn't exist.

there is just nobody here that will accept solication phone calls. and nowhere else i can think of that will accept them either. and these people are not allowed to leave voice messages. i wonder how much business they actually get by calling other businesses? i'm sure there are newer companies that are willing to take them, but wouldn't you think that they would have just sought out their favorite publications instead of waiting for solicitation phone calls?

oh well, if it weren't for them, i'd probably have less fun working the front desk.

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