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11:54 p.m.

do you know what it means to be free? i wonder what goes through my head at times. i just want to write whatever i'm thinking, but my fingers don't seem to go fast enough. i've been told that i can type pretty fast. so it must mean that there is just way too much for even myself to comprehend what goes through my head.

one of my favorite writing exercises, which i've said before i'm sure, is just to type and let go. let go of restraint and let it all out. but you see that could be dangerous. you never what you can say that will harm someone else. so maybe the moral of the story is that a little restraint every now and then can be beneficial to you and those you care about in your life. otherwise, if you let something out that may be something you probably shouldn't have said, then maybe it can show that you don't care about them. maybe care is restraining yourself. maybe this is what care is. restraint from harm. giving care to thought and what you do and say.

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