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2:47 p.m.

where does the time go?

seriously, it's been a long and interesting ride. things change within a blink of an eye. even when you don't intend it to. it just happens.

life is fleeting. everything is fleeting. nothing stays the same. thus, the impermanance of it all becomes the beauty of all that life is. yes, it can be hard and difficult. but the end results have a larger purpose. whether it's divine design, or it's your own personal way of setting yourself on a certain path.

the last few weeks have been fun and interesting. my career goals have majorly altered. i seem to be on my way towards something different. much different than what i have pursued before.

yes. i do believe i am finding my way.

the fall air is back and it feels great. when i step outside into the crisp air, i smell the hint of halloween and the holidays to follow. if memory serves me right, last year was a blast. this year, i will make no exceptions.

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