[big] plans
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2:23 p.m.

it's about time i put my [big] move to san francisco to good fortune. i've been mostly cramped up here in this city for awhile now. it's about time i step outside the box. although, being inside is as fun as it should be. i have a desire to travel.

so i will.

after sharing this desire with my good friend christine, we've come to the conclusion that the both of us have good reasons, respectively, to get out in the world.

so in a couple of months, we're going to vegas! and for my [big] 25th in july, we're going to hawaii. the birthplace of me.

i've always fantasized about making a trip back to my [homeland] as a birthday trip. i've never been there, other than in a baby capacity. and i've always wanted to take a trip to paradise. going for my birthday seems like a wonderful idea. kind of like coming full circle. i think 25 years is a nice round-about number to start.

i think from now on, i'm going to make more of an effort to travel.

a trip to europe is also in the makings.

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