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12:07 p.m.

last night i had the urge to do something other than just go home and go online, watch tv, eat, and sleep. this is my routine for almost every night after work. on occasion, i would drink, but i have that rule of not drinking alone now. and it really isn't that much fun.

i remember davemarr pointing out that there are lots of things that i could do after midnight that were fun. this was after a conversation we had about me feeling unable to do anything since i work odd hours. but in reality, it's a prime schedule to hit up a club after hours and not have to be at work until late in the afternoon the next day.

he also couldn't stress enough that there is a big difference between clubs and bars. this i knew, but there just weren't any clubs that i knew of in this city that didn't have a $40 cover charge or whatnot. so he mentioned trannyshack and that the show didn't start til midnight with a $5 cover.

the thing about a "club" is that it is an event that happens only once or twice a week and a "bar" is a place that is open all the time, every day of the week, usually with the same thing going on. i like bars more for their convenience. but they are starting to bore me. i used to go to clubs all the time in LA, but they just seem a little less accessible up here. it could also be that i just haven't put that much effort into finding the clubscene i like here.

so last night, i called davemarr on a whim, since i knew he's been a no-job bum lately and one of the few people i know who didn't have to be up early the next morning, to see if he wanted to go out and meet me at the stud for trannyshack.

and for the second time in a row, he's had to spot me for the cash i did not get in my bank account until this morning. i usually get my direct deposit a little earlier since i started with this temp agency. i guess since the holidays just passed, it's been kind of late. but before, i would get the previous week's pay by 11:30pm tuesday night. i was wrong.

so now i owe davemarr a movie, dinner, and a night out.

despite my best efforts to take better care of my finances, i've been struggling to maintain this lifestyle. i keep blaming it on the holidays. i withdrew more than i had in my account to make sure i'd get through the holidays. and i've been suffering for it for these past couple of weeks. i pay all my bills with my check card, and when the account is suspended due to lack of funds, i am unable to do so. so i'm finally caught up with my bank, and i've paid some of my bills already. by next week, i'll be in the clear.

i've had to sacrifice my burning man ticket. i had a nice long entry yesterday about getting my ticket today. but i've decided that it's in my best interests to wait until i know for certain i have the cash for it. i was going to withdraw again, but doing the math, it would kill me at this time of the year.

so i'll just wait. and i don't mind paying the $250 for it. and i don't mind doing the mail order if i have to. burning man is 8 months away, and there's no rush. at some point i will afford a ticket, and some point soon i hope. but i am still determined to go.

i had gotten up early today to head over here to the 3 dollar bill cafe at the gay and lesbian center specifically for the purposes of having a stable internet connection for when i buy my burning man ticket. but i think it was totally worth it, just to get up and be out of the house.

i've been having a strange sense of cabin-fever lately. i think i'm home too much. i would hope that when my finances balance out again, i'll be able to go out more. so in the meantime, i'll have to find other means of entertainment.

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