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12:05 p.m.

the days do pass and the weeks start to pile up. i had been aching to write an entry for some time now, but strange enough as it seems, it's been hard to find the time. there are times when i think i do too much, but in retrospect, it doesn't seem a lot.

a couple weeks ago, cousin lorraine came to visit. actually, she's not really my cousin, but she is to my friend, missa. therefore, making her my cousin as well. i've known here for a few years now and we would always refer to each other as cousin. i was excited to hear that she was moving up here. we spent some time with margaritas and i brought her along to play pool with davemarr at the pilsner that sunday.

i'm beginning to like sundays a lot now. davemarr and i started playing pool that week and we went again last week. we have plans to go again tomorrow. i'm not really that great at pool, but i have made some great shots. i used to play with missa all that time when i lived in lakewood. she worked at a billiards place across the street from school. sometimes i'd go right after class in the afternoon to throw back some beer and de-stress with a few games of pool with her. the crowd in the day was a steady five or so people, mostly guys with beer bellys drinkin a few before going home to their wives and family. they were all nice and were a lot of fun to hang out with at times. they called missa the "bar wench".

so last week before we went to the pilsner, davemarr took me with him to the gym. all day, he had been affectionately calling me "fat ass" and that i should start working out. and for once in my life, i can honestly say that i do not think my ass is fat. yeah, there's a little junk in the trunk, but i've realized that these recent years have been better to me than how i was in high school as far as weight goes. but, i do have aspirations to bulk up and tone up a little.

the gym kicked my ass. i was sore and could barely hold up the pool cue. but i felt good. the next day, the soreness started to kick in a little bit more, but it gave me an aching to go back to the gym.

then i started to notice how little time i had.

school started tuesday and i was planning to add classes in the morning. i like my work schedule in that allows my to have a good part of the day to be active. i've never really taken full advantage of it until now.

tuesday morning was spent fighting my way up to the front of the class to get considered to be added. english was packed and there were people standing or sitting on the floor. i was second in line to sign the add-list, but it was ripped away in front of my by another eager student. i didn't get to sign until eight other people grabbed. it wouldn't have made a difference anyway since priority goes to people with earlier registration dates. i didn't bring my registration card with me, so i didn't know what my date was. the class was so full that i didn't bother going back. political science also had issues, but it wasn't a big deal. i was prepared this time to fight my way to the front if need be. i made up an early november date, close to what i remembered from the letter i had at home.

i'm only going to have one class this semester. i tried to add an english class this morning, but it just wasn't working for me. i'm kind of relieved that i don't have to go to school on saturday. working late friday is tough as it is, and i look forward to fridays after work to relax and not worry about anything for the next day.

so much to write about and so little time. i'm going to have to bust out some time management skills to organize it all. setting time aside to write would be just as beneficial as setting time aside for the gym. work, schoolwork, and quality "hanging out" time also need to fit into this extreme schedule.

it can happen.

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