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2:08 p.m.

i wrote the last entry prematurely out of angst and the wonders of being hungover. valentine's day had a spell over me. i wanted to give in to depression and find ways to feel bad about myself.

it has become nothing but a consumerist holiday and nothing about love says that you have to celebrate it only with one special person.

if there's one thing i've learned by living here in this city and from those around me, it's that love should be celebrated with everyone in your life. it does not exist exclusively for your significant other.

i happened to be out with a friend that night. and instead of celebrating love with him and enjoying my time out, i chose to mope and surrender to my ego.

valentine's day is suppose to be about love and romance. and there's nothing more romantic than sharing moments with friends.

they say that valentine's day began because a martyr long ago made a huge romantic gesture. i believe the card companies capitalized on that gesture and ruined the spirit of st. valentine. (whoever he may be. there are three possible historical figures.)

so this year, i happened to the miss the point of the day. but who needs a day to celebrate love and intimacy? no one day will ever be enough. so i'm not torn over ruining my valentine's day. because every day can be valentine's day.

i just now know that just because it happens to be valentine's day, there is no exceptional reason to feel lonely. i can feel lonely any day of the year!

so on the other hand, not having a significant other does not mean that i cannot celebrate valentine's day. it is, or should be, a day of love. and love can easily, if not wisely, be shared between friends.

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