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8:02 a.m.

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i've been unable to write lately. i don't know what it is. is it just sheer laziness? or is it just that i've been off doing things other than sitting at the computer.

saturday we wrapped up the film shoot i did for the student film-maker guy i met last week. it was an interesting experience and i think i made new friends. i guess i was slightly a better actor than i ever gave myself credit for. this experience re-kindled my goals to become a film-maker. we will see how that falls into place with school and whatnot.

i yearn to make films, but i also yearn to become a better writer. maybe i'll pursue both. but for now, i'll just take it one thing at a time.

friday, i have my second interview for this job. i hope all this temporary business ends soon. i really need to know for certain that i have a job.

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