his dark materials
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1:15 p.m.

they sent me home from work yesterday because of pink eye. it's finally going away and i'm sure it'll be all gone by tonight.

but you think a few extra days off from work would be nice, but i think i'm going out of my mind. i've taken walks all weekend for a lack of something better to do. i've been broke, regardless of finding money and whatnot, i've spent way too much on drinking.

now i'm stuck at home with nothing to do.

i suppose i could read more. the whole point to this whole experience is to rest. but i'm just restless.

right now, i'm totally involved in "his dark materials" by phil pullman. it's actually pretty good and is suppose to deconstruct religion and church politics through a trilogy of children's fantasy books.

suffice to say, i'm hooked. i just don't know if i want to spend the rest of my day reading. the weather is nice though, maybe i can just go to the park and read in the shade.

i just feel unsettled and nervous for some reason. these next couple of weeks will be hard since i won't be getting paid for two more days off from work (not including the non-paid holiday since i'm still a temp).

i'm also aching to leave the city. i've been dying to travel. i really need to leave this country for a few days or a week. at this point i'm considering cancelling my burning man plans all together for a nice long week out of the country somewhere. or maybe if i try really hard, i can do both.

i really feel conflicted right now for some reason. (or the reasons above, but it feels like there's more to it.)

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