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these past few weeks, or months more likely, have been a bit eventful. so much has happened since i last had a nice good long update. in these recent days, i've been on a few trips. traveling around northern california. having adventures in the woods. partying by the river. meeting new faces and seeing old familiar ones.

work has been somewhat of an experience as well. there's a slight hint of promotion in my near future. i'm definitely working hard and showing i'm capable of more. but it's a matter of work politics and keeping up appearances that will determine that fate. it's a little stressful and i'm trying to not let it get to me. i thought i could fight for the position that's one level higher here in the mail room and be persistent about it, but i think it's just easier to voice my concerns and then just do the best i can with what they throw at me and let them decide from there. all in all, my week seems drained from the work i do throughout the day, and my weeknights seem to fade away until the weekend comes. i don't know if people realize how much i mean it when i say, "happy friday." it's a greeting all too welcomed in this corporate career that i seem to have involved myself in.

for awhile, there were drives out to the city every other weekend or so that i looked forward to. it started with the visit to russian river for my birthday, which was just as fun, if not more, than last year. afterwards, i drove down with dave and his dj-bf for jason's birthday party in the redwoods down in boulder creek. it was fun to see everyone again and party for a night. the next day we got to explore the boardwalk in santa cruz and it was an interesting new experience, especially with dave's friend kay, whom i enjoy spending time with.

who knew that kay would stick around all summer. she's fun to party with and you know she's never as destructive as so many of my other friends tend to be. i can say we get along pretty well. she's a great drinking buddy and i had so much fun introducing to her to everyone when we were out at the russian river.

one of the highlights of my summer was when asha and tal came up to visit. we were headed up to alex's lavish nature somewhere in sonoma county. we were there for only a night, but the best part of it all was the drive up. it definitely brings justice to the whole "it's not the destination, but the journey" philosophy. it seemed to take us about three hours to drive the hour and a half trip. we got lost in the dirt roads up the mountain and took every turn possible and every fork in the road. robert frost has nothing on us, i can tell you that. fear and hope, laughter and tears, we went through it all together. we even braved the attack of the no-see-ums, which i am forever grateful to have survived.

burning man was just around the corner and the pangs of not going were a little heavy. so in light of not going this year, i decided to throw a little party at my apartment and in addition to that, to go on a mini road trip. my good friend geof decided to take that holiday weekend off and come up to visit me here in SF. he was happy at the idea of a road trip. i wish i had more time off to go on a larger one, but he planned out a nice little visit up the road six hours to arcata, the home of humboldt university, and also home to small town of hippy stoner kids, which i'm sure the two are somewhat mutually exclusive.

the party was okay. not many people came, but there were enough for a good time to be had, and apparently enough for my neighbor's window to be broken as well as the finding of my new roommate.

the next day, geof and i headed up north and had a nice relaxing drive through unknown territory, from my perspective of course since geof has driven through once before. we arrived to discover not one, but two hippie fests going on. one in an alley and the other in the town square. it seemed the little town was bumpin and as soon as we entered the town square, we were offered some pot. after wandering around a bit, we ran into dave's dj-bf's friend ollie, which was an odd thing since i haven't seen him since guerneville. we made plans to hang out that night.

geof and i hung out for a bit around the city and decided to hit up the three bars there that looked interesting. we played pool a bit and had beer served by the grumpiest old man i've yet encountered. the highlight of the trip was probably sitting in on a park bench in the square catching up with geof, shitfaced and happy. i ended up getting more trashed than i thought i would and crashed in the car parked in front of someone's house. we ended up missing ollie and crashed for the night. luckily nothing bad happened to us, as i later found out that it's illegal to be caught in the car drunk, even if it's parked and you are asleep. we awoke to the morning fog and drove around to say good bye the little hippie town and headed back to SF.

i think it's safe to say that i've sufficiently explored the best of california. i've been as far north as arcata down to as far south as san diego. i know there are more places to visit. but i think i'm ready to set my sights a little farther away. i'm ready to start traveling. there is so much more of this world i want to see and so much men to do, uh, i mean so much to do.

i've discovered that i'm starting to drink a lot. more so than usual. this isn't good. if i ever want to set my sights higher, i need to start learning how to value my money. i need to start saving. i still don't have a passport. if i spend all my money on boozing it up on a regular basis, i won't have anything left over to do the things i've been wanting to do.

so it's time i shape up, get responsible, and start having real fun. the kind where you get to travel to exotic places and come back changed and a little bit more fulfilled.

i have lots of pictures which i plan to post soon.

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