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2:16 p.m.

i had probably the most wonderful weekend in my life. kenny and i were suppose to hang out at his house on friday, but i had been receiving this email about two nights for the price of one at the Inn at the Willows in Guerneville. I sent him a text message mid-day at work saying that we should be spontaneous and leave for the weekend.

he texted me back saying, "sure!"

which is an event in itself for me. for once, someone responded favorably to something spontaneous i wanted to do.

guerneville isn't as much fun as it is in the summer. there were less people. but it only set the stage for a nice and quiet romantic weekend at a river getaway. we went out to the bars on friday and saturday night. but saturday during the day, we went for a really nice drive through the woods and over pastures and up to the coast. we had a great lunch/dinner at this somewhat fancy chowder restaurant at Bodega Bay and drove up the coast to a few of the beaches, where we parked to make out. we wanted to wait for a sunset, but the clouds started to roll in. nevertheless, it was still beautiful as hell.

sunday it started to rain and pour, but we managed to get a day out of it and went champagne tasting at Korbel. which was a nice change from the wine tasting we did a week back.

the entire weekend was wonderful. it was nice to have an entire weekend for just the two of us. it only strengthened my affection for him. you would think all that time spent with someone would make you want to see less of the person when you get back home, but it only made me want to see him more.

i never expected anything like this to happen to me. it came out from way out of left field. i was completely blind-sided. (insert other cheesey catch-phrases that denote being surprised and amazed.)

i wasn't even trying to find a boyfriend. it just kind of happened. especially from him. i didn't expect so much love and affection to come from him. totally blind-sided. but in a really really good way. :)

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