three years
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1:43 p.m.

three years ago, i hopped on a bus with most of my things and headed up to San Francisco.

it's been three years since i moved here, and in retrospect, i've come a long way from where i was, from who i was, and where i'm going.

the latter, i'm not so sure yet, but it feels much different than where i think i wanted go back then.

three years feels like three days.

i'm not so sure of who i am now or who i was before. but know this much to be true: i am not the same person. maybe i've grown a little, maybe i've grown a lot. i know i still have some of the same idiosyncrasies that i've had before. i even feel i've taken on new ones and old ones have grown a little. but all in all, it's made me into someone new. someone better? or just someone different?

this past year was an interesting ride. with the having of the boyfriend to not having the boyfriend. the new job. burning man. being in school to not being in school to being in school again, and then again to not.

this next year will be different. much to come. this year i will get out of debt. i will get into shape. i will find love. i will travel.

as far as traveling goes, i just agreed to go on a trip to the Philippines with my mom in june. on the condition that we stop over in Japan for at least two days and that i can only stay two weeks and not the entire month she'll be there. so i'm looking forward to a trip outside the country. i'm sure it'll be an interesting experience. i'm a little afraid to go. i'm not sure what to expect. the last time i was there, i was 4 or 5. suffice to say, i don't remember much. (mental note: take a conversational tagalog class this spring.) but fear aside, i'm looking forward to it.

three years have gone. i'm a little anxious to see where or who i'll be in another three years.

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