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i'm usually pretty good about spotting spammers. you can tell right away if you get a message from one. there are warning signs and red letter words like "webcam" or "hot new pics". or the phrase, "im shy but i just got a new webcam and put up my hot new pics on my site and u shud check it out!!!" etc. etc.

most of the time they're from teenage girls telling me how cute i am and how her friend thinks i'm cute and that i should check out her page because she oh-so wants to be with me. or sometimes there's no friend, and it's the girl that's messaging me. i usually hit the spam button right away and think nothing of it. but sometimes i think that if i do it soon enough after getting the message, spammers catch that i've deleted them somehow and will bombard me with more messages. or maybe it's a coincidence that i just happened to get hit all at once by 5 different girls all with some form of the name "hunni bunz".

now this next type, the male slut spammer, is especially tricky. i'm not a straight girl, so i don't know if you girls out there get hit by these spammers as much as guys do with these slut girl profiles. but it seems fairly new and rare for me to recieve enticing messages and profiles from guys. it just doesn't happen as often. and like i said, i can usually spot these from a mile away.

but this time, i was a little skeptical. i thought that maybe this guy might be legit. that it's someone that actually took the time to write out a message and genuinely wants to talk or chat or possibly meet up. (of course, from a spammer's perspective, they only need to write out one lengthy thoughtful message and copy and paste until they reach their heart's desire.)

meet Zack.

he seems innocent enough. he's pretty cute. and apparently he's proud of his body. and it's cute that his mother calls him zachariah.

Hey there,

My friends call me Zack, my mother calls me Zachariah. I'm using my friends account right now. I Dont have one yet. He is showing me how addicted to this site she is, lot's of fun here huh? I had a good time looking though your profile. We seem to have some things in common. I'd say that getting to know each other is a must.

What do you like to do for fun?
Ideal first date? (your thoughts...)
Do you travel much? Where?
Do you have any more pictures online? I will send you some, if you want.

So, some things about me: You can email me here [email protected]

I'm newly over a relationship, about 3-4 months now. I'm 23. six feet two inches tall. My hair is brown, dark brown actually, and I go to workout 6 times a week, so, I'm fit, and toned. The best feature on me is... hmm, that is unappropriate, so I'll say my eyes, they are bluish green.

So, that's enough for one message I guess, The last thing that I want is to ramble on..

Hopefully, I'll hear from you soon?


he really does sound like a great guy. seemed genuinely interested. so i thought i'd email him. send him a quick message. see if i get a response before i write out a more lengthy response to his questions above.

i'm so glad his friend Caleb let's him troll for guys on his account. (who by the way lists himself as straight, has one friend that's an adult profile, and is seeking an LTR with "a conservative and masculine guy." yeah, i'm full aware that this is a fake profile. but you gotta appreciate the thoughtful "about me" sections. many of these profiles do.

but it's all just pretty interesting how creative and clever spammers are getting. i got a personalized response. i am truly impressed. i can hear clearly hear his voice, yet he sounds surprisingly monotone and synthesized when he says my name.

Hello Anthony! I'm glad that you wrote. I'm Zack, I
don't rmember if I mentioned it in my message to you
on myspace.

The site seems cool, but I notice how much time my
friend spends on it, and how much time I spent on it
when he showed it to me, and I'm
afraid I might end up wasting away in front of it
instead of being out doing stuff. So I don't think
I'll post a profile just yet, I'll
just continue to use my friends if I need to,
hopefully I won't, ;).

I have my web page you can check out, so you can
see what I look like, and even get to know more about
me. It's sort of the
informative side of me.

Let me know if you wanna talk more. All I do is
usually work and work some more, but on weekends, I'm
usually out with my friends.
Maybe, if you'd like, we can meet up for coffee or
somethin' one weekend.?

Anyways, I'm gonna get goin'. I have a few things to
do. Write back soon! and take care!

xoxo! ~ Zack

i can totally relate to him. i, too, am "afraid i might end up wasting away in front of [myspace]." at this point i'm thinking, "wow, this guy might actually be legit." and i click on his link, see some pictures, read a bit about his bio, and scroll down to the bottom to find the ultimate red flag: the age verification box.

I know this seems all "official," but you have to go through this age verification thing below to see all my sexy pics - It's free and by law I must have this or I could get in trouble if someone under 18 saw these. I searched the internet and read about protecting pics on a few sites, and how this is the only good way to put these kind of pictures up and be safe. It's pretty cool and real fast. Anyway, check out the pics and use the contact info with the rest of the pics if you're interested in me.

and the pièce de résistance:

P.S. I just purchased a digital camera/webcam and it's made my internet experience very interesting ;-)
Hope to hear from you, Zack...

thank you Zack Jordan! i hope to hear from you too!

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