easter sunday
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12:43 p.m.

would anyone be interested in coming with me to an easter sunday service at 11am that day?

the church is MCC of San Francisco. they're a great church open to everyone. i went to their christmas service and it was wonderful. it's very non-threatening and very welcoming.

if any of you know me, you know how much i'm against intolerance and organized religion/churches who will make me feel the slightest unwelcome for my sexuality or who i am.

but i can vouch for these guys, and i think it would be a great way to celebrate easter before heading out for Easter in the Park with the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence (at Dolores park).

i also plan to head out to st. mary's cathedral really early in the morning (around 6am) to pray for my grandparents who both past away on the same day, one year apart. my family will be gathering for mass at the same time in so cal and i want to pray with them, even if it means i can't be there with them in person.

for more info on MCCSF, here's their website:

and the sisters of perpetual indulgence:

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