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2:30 p.m.

now i'm all emo again.

it's all good though. i have my membership class tonight with MCCSF so i can see what they're all about and think about joining as a member. on sunday aaron will be performing for their palm sunday service and again for easter sunday. if i end up going alone, i'll at least have company for the park afterwards. i'm kind of looking forward to this.

my first therapy session is on monday. i'm kind of worried about it, but at the same time eager to get started. i'm not sure what to expect or what to say. but i hope this guy's good enough to make me feel comfortable and help me get started with opening up. i've been in other counseling sessions before where the guy was a just a volunteer and did absolutely nothing to facilitate the conversation.

myspace is starting to get to me. i'd consider just deleting my profile, but i'm starting to blog more again and this is a great place for exposure. plus, i just can't help to look up cute guys i've just met or whatnot. plus, everyone's got a myspace page these days. i don't want to burn those bridges just yet. but one of these days i will say goodbye to all these networking sites. maybe it'll force me to call people up or email them and make a better effort to hang out with friends in real time.

i've also been working on establishing my site as the go-to page for me. hopefully i can get people to go there and start checking on my entries there, although lately, it's been cut and paste from here and everywhere else i blog.

i can imagine that i'll keep my livejournal blog and use it when i want to write private entries. i'd want to keep my as professional and "clean" as i can.

by the way, check out google reader if you can. especially for those of you who check other blogs like on blogspot, blogger, and livejournal, or those that are on it's own domain, and you want to have a centrally located site to go to for all your updates. it's pretty neat and updates while you're reading entries.

you can also share entries as you read them and it'll post on your own page (which is not customizable yet, but i'm hoping soon). mine is here. i'm always adding new things, anywhere from tech news, comics, to celebrity gossip, or shirtless pictures of chris evans (fantastic four, not another teen movie).

it's pretty fucking neat if you ask me. i find so much interesting stuff reading these blogs, but usually don't have the time to create a new blog entry about it all, so i can just click the "share" icon and have it posted there. i'm gonna try integrate the clips function on my website, but i just don't like the way it looks right now. but i at least have a link to it from my main page. you can also add the RSS feed to google reader.

so if anyone else is on google reader, let me know and i can add you to my list.

i was on bloglines for awhile, but i just wasn't feeling it. now that i'm on google reader, i'm all about blogging again.

i remember way back when, blogs were so new and fresh, i couldn't get enough of the whole blogging culture. it kind of got old and i stopped. now i'm all about it again.

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